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A makeup setting spray that prevents makeup from coming off with a single spray.
A citrus floral scent that can be refreshed at any time.

The best-selling product for Japanese girls - MAQUILLAGE  Dramatic Mist is an evolution of the makeup hold spray, with a cool and refreshing feeling!

Finish the makeup a spray can prevent makeup off!
3 key points to fix the beauty of the skin

1. To prevent shine. Dullness
Block sebum and sweat from mixing with makeup to prevent shine and dullness.

2. Maintains eyebrow color and cheek color. Cheek color
The soft covering net is integrated into the skin, making the makeup more resistant to rubbing, thus preventing eyebrow and cheek color from falling off. It prevents the color from falling off.

3. Light, watery and luminous skin
This product applies evenly and lightly to the skin to create a light, luminous and shiny finish.

A single blow gives a glossy feeling and the foundation adheres. Just one spray after makeup and it stays on for a long time.

Because it is a 2-layer type, shake the container well before using.

To finish your makeup, close your eyes and mouth and spray an appropriate amount (4-5 pushes) all over your face, 10-15 cm away from your face.

By spraying the mist from top to bottom for each push, you can apply it to a wider area.<Techniques to prevent mask sticking>

If you are using the liquid, cushion, or emulsion type, lightly press the entire face with tissue paper after applying the foundation.

●After applying the mist, let it dry for at least 5 minutes before wearing the mask.

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