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MAQUILLAGE Rotating Blush Powder Type Portable Blush PK332

MAQUILLAGE Rotating Blush Powder Type Portable Blush PK332

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Beautiful sweetheart blush, healthy and rosy, naturally radiant
•3D pearlescent particles, natural and rosy, more three-dimensional.
Yixinji Makeup's True Beauty Blush uses skin-beautifying pearl light particles to measure color and saturation from different angles.
Increase the rosiness of the skin in the higher areas of the cheeks; use light and shadow effects to modify the face shape in the lower areas of the cheeks.
•Zhencai Blush adopts an integrated brush head design, making it more convenient to use.
•Beautiful, highly saturated colors are suitable for any skin tone and last long without dulling.
With the help of Shiseido's new technology emulsion film formula, for the first time, the highly skin-friendly emulsion oil formula is added
The oil contained in the cheek color has excellent adhesion and high skin affinity. It can quickly fully absorb the oil of the foundation after application.
Partially fused, the colorant and pearlescent particles are well coated.
Stars appear in high-performance colors and duration
No dull makeup look.
•Specially added moisturizing factors, naturally skin-friendly and more comfortable.
The powder contains highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid, which can adhere smoothly even to skin prone to dryness.
Professional blending like a makeup artist creates transparent, powder-free skin.
100% pure horsehair blush brush, natural fit and more portable
•The blush brush is made of 100% pure horsehair, with a soft compression method, and the bristles are designed with a diagonal cut
Apply more powder to the center of the brush head and less powder to the edges. Just apply gentle pressure.
Let the powder spread smoothly without being loose, apply evenly and apply it gently to the skin.
•The extra large brush head makes it very easy to control even when using it for the first time, and the blush color will be even and natural;
Just change the number of times you rotate the brush head to change the color rendering as you like.
The body is small and arched. The one-piece brush head design is more convenient to use and is lightweight in any occasion.
Creates a naturally rosy and gentle look.


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