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Sanrio Characters Body Sponge Pompompurin

Sanrio Characters Body Sponge Pompompurin

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【Product Description】
A soft sponge that is gentle on your skin♪

Enjoy fun bathroom time with cute characters ♪

●With lanyard

●Soft sponge


Do not use it for other than intended purposes.

· Do not place it near fire or high temperature.

· To avoid deformation and damage, avoid rough handling or contact with sharp objects.

· If deformation or damage occurs, please stop using it immediately.

· Please store it out of the reach of children.

· Do not expose it to direct sunlight.

· If stored while wet or in contact with other items, it may fade or stain.

· After use, please dry it fully and store it properly, such as hanging.

· Please avoid using bleach, washing machine or dryer.

· Please wipe gently and not hard, and do not wipe hard on the same area for a long time to avoid damaging the skin or causing pigmentation.

· Do not use if skin abnormality occurs.

· Please avoid use by those with allergies and infants.

If you feel pain or skin discomfort when wiping, or if any abnormalities occur, please stop using it immediately.

· Do not put your fingers, etc. into the hole of the sling.

· If used by children, please use it safely under the supervision of a guardian.

· This product is a consumable product. Materials may wear and age due to use. Depending on usage and storage conditions, wear and aging may occur relatively early.

· We will not be held responsible if accidents, injuries, damage or other material damage occurs after using this product. Please use it with caution. ·

When disposing, please follow the waste classification and disposal requirements of each local government.

【Ingredient dosage】

Side material: 100% polyester, inner material: polyurethane foam

※Japanese products are updated frequently. If you receive a product that does not match the detailed pictures, please refer to the actual product received. In addition, after long-distance transportation across borders, the outer packaging of the product may have dents, slight damage, detached seals (if any), and wear and tear of the printed date due to scratches and collisions, but this usually does not affect the quality of the product.

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