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[Current] Ichiban Kuji - Spy X Family - Embark On A Mission [In Store Only]

[Current] Ichiban Kuji - Spy X Family - Embark On A Mission [In Store Only]

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✨NEW ARRIVALS Ichiban kuji (一番赏)✨

1. Ichiban Kuji Concept: Ichiban Kuji is a type of lottery where customers purchase tickets to win prizes.

2. Ticket Sales: Sell tickets to customers. (20CAD/Ticket) Each ticket corresponds to a specific prize tier (e.g., A prize, B prize, etc.).

3. Prize Display: Display all available prizes prominently so customers can see what they can win.

4. Ticket Selection: Customers choose their ticket(s) based on the displayed prizes. Ensure they understand which prize corresponds to each ticket.

5. Drawing and Results: After all tickets are sold, conduct the draw. Each ticket is assigned a unique number or code that corresponds to a prize.

6. Announcing Winners: Announce the winning numbers or codes and display them clearly. Make sure winners can easily identify if they have won.

7. Claiming Prizes: Winners can claim their prizes by presenting their winning ticket. Verify the ticket against your records to confirm the win.

8. Unclaimed Prizes: If a prize remains unclaimed within a specified time, follow procedures for handling unclaimed prizes as per your store's policy or local regulations.

9. Customer Interaction: Be courteous and helpful to customers throughout the process. Answer any questions about the Ichiban Kuji and assist with ticket selection.

NOTE: Customers who draw the last ticket of the whole set will receive an additional prize called The 'LAST ONE' Prize, which is a prize that is not included in the regular draw,  usually worth more than the other prizes. Therefore, when giving out prizes, we should be careful to distinguish the difference between the regular prize and the ‘LAST ONE’ prize.


🆕 Reiwatakiya 上新✨


1.一番赏(一番くじ) 是一种顾客靠运气赢取奖品的彩票。

2. 彩票销售: 向顾客出售彩票。(20加元/张)每张彩票对应一个特定的奖级(如A奖、B奖等)。

3. 奖品展示: 在显著位置(目前暂定在饭盒架的最顶层)展示所有可用奖品,以便顾客了解他们能赢得什么奖品。

4. 选票: 顾客根据显示的奖品选择彩票。确保他们了解每张彩票对应的奖品。

5. 抽奖和结果: 所有门票售出后,进行抽奖。每张彩票都有一个与奖品相对应的唯一号码或代码。

6. 公布中奖者: 公布中奖号码或代码,并清楚地展示出来。确保中奖者很容易辨认自己是否中奖。

7. 领奖: 中奖者可凭中奖彩票领奖。根据记录核对彩票,确认中奖。

8. 顾客互动: 在整个过程中对顾客彬彬有礼并提供帮助。回答有关一番赏的任何问题,并协助选票。

注: 抽中整套彩票最后一张的客户将获得一个额外的奖项,称为最终赏,这是一个不包括在常规抽奖中的奖项,通常比其他奖项的价值更高。因此,在派发奖品时,我们应注意区分常规奖品和’最终赏’奖品。
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