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Kettle Cleansing Powder 3pcs

Kettle Cleansing Powder 3pcs

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It can be used to clean the inner and inner plugs of stainless steel and to clean bleached glass, ceramic and plastic thermos. lt achieves disinfection and sterilization at the same time! (100% food raw acid)

HOW TO USE: 1. Fill the inner container with water up to the full scale, and put one package of me
2. Put the lid on. 3 Conne ct the power supply (plug), boil the water and leave it for about 1 hour. Put the attached sticker in a prominent place so as not to use the pot during cleaning.
4. Remove the power supply(plug) and lid, and discard the cleaning liquid in the sink.
5. if any dirt remains, scrape it off with a sponge. After cleaning wash the inside of the electric kettle with water 4 to 5 times.

Origin : Japan

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