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KOSE Cosmeport Clear Turn Gomenne Suhada Kininal Face Mask

Clear Turn Gomenne Suhada Kininal Face Mask is a sheet mask for acne from Japanese company KOSE Cosmeport. Specifically designed for problematic skin suffering from rashes and acne. These sheet masks provide comprehensive care for acne-prone and rough skin! They cleanse and soothe inflammation and have a rejuvenating effect. They soften the stratum corneum and improve the overall condition of the skin. By sterilizing acne bacteria, they prevent acne. The refreshing serum contains salicylic acid, glycyrrhizinic acid, niacinamide, calendula extract, among others. After application, you will feel that your skin has become fresh and moisturized, its tone has evened out, redness and acne have become less visible. Your complexion looks healthy and beautiful. Features of KOSE Cosmeport Clear Turn Gomenne Suhada Kininal Face Mask:

  • has an anti-inflammatory effect and fights acne;
  • brightens skin tone;
  • prevents the occurrence of acne;
  • intensively moisturizes;
  • gives the skin a vibrant and radiant appearance for a long time;
  • eliminates traces of stress and fatigue;
  • gently exfoliates the layer of dead cells;
  • makes the skin softer and more cared for;
  • protects the dermis from negative effects;
  • fills fine wrinkles, smooths and strengthens the skin.

Active ingredients:

  • salicylic acid - is often used to treat acne. BHA works well as an exfoliant, penetrating deep into pores, exfoliating dead skin cells and making room for new ones.
  • white mushroom polysaccharides - intensively moisturize the skin, make it more supple and eliminate signs of fatigue. They help remove freckles and age spots, restoring a natural complexion. Rejuvenate the skin by accelerating metabolism and blood flow to skin cells. Regenerates the skin and smooths wrinkles. Have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties.
  • hyaluronic acid is a reliable protection for the skin against dehydration, as it forms a thin film on the surface of the skin that traps moisture inside. Hyaluronic acid also has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothes the skin, relieves redness, and accelerates the healing of micro-damage and irritation.

Allergologically tested, non-comedogenic product. Does not contain alcohol, oil, parabens, UV absorbers, silicone. The package contains 7 masks.

Directions for use: apply the mask to previously cleansed skin. Leave on for 8 minutes. Then carefully remove and massage the remaining essence into the skin with light patting motions. Apply lotion or cream at the end of the treatment.

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