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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

Odoita Bacteria Removal Deodorant Mist

Odoita Bacteria Removal Deodorant Mist

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Odo Eater Sneaker Disinfectant/Deodorant Mist 250ml
Brand: Odoeater
Distributor/manufacturer: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

It is a deodorant that penetrates deep into the fabric and eliminates the bacteria that cause lingering odors.
Prevents mold growth.

For sneakers

how to use
1. Remove the blue stopper attached to the lever.
2. After taking off the sneakers, keep a distance of 5-10cm and spray the surface or the entire surface until it is damp.
*If you spray just before putting on your sneakers, they may be damp.
* It is especially effective to spray the toes (toe side of the shoe), which is the source of odor.
*Do not spray on leather as it may damage the leather.
(Synthetic leather can be sprayed)

Precautions for use
●Do not use for any other purpose.
●Avoid contact with anything other than sneakers.
If it does, wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth.
●Keep out of reach of children.
●If you are not sure whether it is leather or not, test it on an inconspicuous part before using it.
If it gets on the leather, wipe it off with a dry cloth.
● Do not spray toward the human body.
●Do not place in direct sunlight or high temperature.
● Do not refill in other containers.
●The effect varies depending on the usage environment.
First Aid ●If it gets in your eyes, immediately rinse with running water for at least 15 minutes without rubbing.
●If it gets on your hands, wash well.
●If swallowed, drink plenty of water.
● If there is any abnormality, bring this product and consult a doctor.
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